Games Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains our approach to privacy and data in applicable games developed by us (“Syrupy”).

Our games don’t collect any of your personal information for us, or send any of such information to us, as we don’t need nor want any.

However, this game is made with Unity, and therefore Unity privacy policy also has to apply to this game – just like any other games that are made with Unity. The Unity privacy policy is available at:

With that said, this game doesn’t require any internet connection to play, and does not have the internet permission on Android.

In addition, any information you actively provide/send to us (for example, if you send us an email) will be received, used/processed, and retained as deemed necessary in order to process your request (for example, if you send us an email requesting help), improve our products (for example, if you send us your suggestions), or fulfill any lawful legal request/process/obligation. Regardless, we employ security measures on our end, such as encryption, strict access controls and access logs, while handling such information that you may actively provide/send to us.

By using our games, you acknowledge that you agree to this Privacy Policy and consent to what’s set forth herein. For any inquiries, you can reach out to us at

Last update: 2021-10-10